The UConn College of Engineering, through the funding from Connecticut Innovations/CTNext, has established “The Third Bridge” as a virtual center focused on identifying engineering students with promising technologies developed both independently and within UConn labs. The goal of The Third Bridge is to mentor and aid these students as they advance their technologies towards successful commercialization. The Third Bridge will leverage and significantly expand upon the successful recent experience of the two-semester “Experiential Technology Entrepreneurship I and II” course offered by the School of Engineering, which immersed engineering graduate student teams in the process of commercializing their own innovation and/or UConn-developed technologies.

Application Process

Panelists made up of UConn students and staff speak at the Symposium on Diversity held in the Classroom Building on March 31, 2012. (Ariel Dowski/UConn Photo)

Proposal Submission

Past Grant Recipients

2018 Grant Recipient

Our automated tumor-on-chip system grows patients cancer cells outside the body and tests the efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs against them to advocate for the best course of treatment.

TBG News

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